Thursday, January 25, 2007

So Hesoner (Martin Chavez) has announced he'd like to be the Governator. This is the same guy who wants to spend $10 millions to prettify a road intersection. (Never mind that our city schools are horribly overcrowded, that the police department doesn't pay enough to get or keep quality policing, or that our seniors don't get the help they need.)
This is the same guy who seems to be able to procure lots and lots of low priced advertising from Comcast Cable Company. You know, the company Hesoner gave an exclusive service contract to when he claimed to be "helping" us citizens. (Our cable now costs more than twice as much as it did before he invited Comcast to stick their fingers in our wallets.) The guy whose wife divorced him in a cloud of dirty smoke. The guy who doesn't seem to see the need for more and better cops to fight our current crime waves.
Like being the meth capital of the US.
Like having a ridiculously high percentage of car thefts.
Like having drunk driving convictions of influential citizens waived or suspended or whatever and the records hidden. Those people who can throw thousands and thousands into an election campaign.
Oh yeah, he's the same guy who promised to throw cable supplying open to any company who wanted to get into our lucrative market. While he quietly signed a contract with only one company. And then renewed it without asking the citizens if they wanted that same company. The company that gave him millions worth of free advertising for the Mayor's ball. This has to be New Mexico.

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