Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Interesting stuff happened here over the past weekend. One of our TV new stations had both the Police Chief and Hesoner on an interview talking about gang related violence in Albuquerque. Both of the gentlemen poo-pooed the the idea of organized gang problems, remarking that most of it was caused by out of state gang members who seemed to be passing through our fair city and, although some did exist, it was not a problem. That occurred the same day two eleven or twelve year olds were shot while attending a birthday party.
To add insult to injury, our morning daily paper ran a front page article about gang violence here. They were not kind, did not pull any punches, backed up the statements with facts, and informed the citizenry that we do, indeed, have serious gang problems. The timing could not have been better. The newspaper quoted fact after fact.
A friend of mine who has a hand in security at our state hospital told me about the multitude of shootings, beatings and disfigurements that are brought to the emergency room on a daily basis. The remark was passed that they were second only to the illegal aliens physical complaints. The officer's remarks were followed by "and don't forget, we get to pay for all this crap."
Footnote: I believe New Mexico is around 44th in lowest per capita income in the U.S.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

So Hesoner (Martin Chavez) has announced he'd like to be the Governator. This is the same guy who wants to spend $10 millions to prettify a road intersection. (Never mind that our city schools are horribly overcrowded, that the police department doesn't pay enough to get or keep quality policing, or that our seniors don't get the help they need.)
This is the same guy who seems to be able to procure lots and lots of low priced advertising from Comcast Cable Company. You know, the company Hesoner gave an exclusive service contract to when he claimed to be "helping" us citizens. (Our cable now costs more than twice as much as it did before he invited Comcast to stick their fingers in our wallets.) The guy whose wife divorced him in a cloud of dirty smoke. The guy who doesn't seem to see the need for more and better cops to fight our current crime waves.
Like being the meth capital of the US.
Like having a ridiculously high percentage of car thefts.
Like having drunk driving convictions of influential citizens waived or suspended or whatever and the records hidden. Those people who can throw thousands and thousands into an election campaign.
Oh yeah, he's the same guy who promised to throw cable supplying open to any company who wanted to get into our lucrative market. While he quietly signed a contract with only one company. And then renewed it without asking the citizens if they wanted that same company. The company that gave him millions worth of free advertising for the Mayor's ball. This has to be New Mexico.

Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm a bit lost here. Must have typed something and then failed to enter it properly. Grin. Ah, I think I vaguely remember now. I'd had a session searching for some help with what I thought was a minor problem on (in?) the 'puter.
For some reason, I went to Microsoft's "help" section (yeah, I know, should have Googled it). Gazing at the myriad of sites on the left hand side of the page, my eyes started to glaze over. Reading the volumes of information in the center of the page, my mind started to glaze over.
Not to be deterred, I clicked on a link. More clickable links appeared. In the center, a long page of help. At least that was what it was supposed to be. I think.
In the article, more clickable links. And some strange use of words. I think (and I could be wrong) that I was supposed to do all this nerdy stuff as if I had been born to it.
My belief is that someone needs to let Microsoft know that America lost 30,000+ IT jobs under the leadership of Dubya and there aren't enough of those people left to help everyone.
Eventually I did Google my problem, found entries where others had had the same problem and got it solved through the kind people who helped them. I only go to Microsoft now for updates.